Editorial Staff for 2017-2018


Elizabeth Wager

Editor in Chief

Liz is finishing up her MFA at Southern, concentrating in poetry, and working on her book-length collection, My Heart, a Glass. Her work has appeared in such journals as Yellow Chair Review and Able Muse. Working as a freelance writer and editor, she also enjoys graphic design work, gardening, and ice skating.

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  Photo Credit: Corey J. Hudson

Photo Credit: Corey J. Hudson

Natalie Schriefer

Assistant Editor

A Connecticut native, Natalie Schriefer is currently pursing her MFA in fiction. Her short stories, poetry, and personal essays have been published in both print and online journals such as Nanoism, Penworks, 1:1000, and MTV, among others. She is a regular contributor on Pop Culture Uncovered and also writes for her self-awareness blog. She works as a freelance writer and editor.

Emma Moser

Poetry Editor


Cole Depuy

Poetry Editor

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Emma Moser is an MFA fiction candidate and undercover poet at SCSU. In her 3rd year, she enjoys the MFA program so much that she has finagled a way to continue her studies while living 11 hours south. She runs a blog, Antiquarian Desiderium, and has over thirty published works in multiple genres, appearing in venues like Sweatpants & Coffee and Cheat River Review. Aside from writing, she is awfully fond of J.S. Bach and South Korea.

Cole Depuy grew up in Sandy Hook, CT with his three younger brothers. Slam poetry and rap music were his first inspirations to creative writing as a kid. He studied English at the University of Vermont and graduated in 2013. His favorite genres to write are lyrical poetry and thriller fiction. 

Giovanni Valentin

Fiction Editor


Molly Miller

Fiction Editor


Giovanni's sanctuary is anywhere outdoors. He's using everything he learned from his degree in English from Eastern CT State to finish his current novel, Scrapbook. A good day includes casual rainfall, chopping wood, cigars, and bourbon. He's not good with technology, and had to have a friend help him upload this photograph.

An Indiana native, Molly received her degree in English education from Purdue University. She has since relocated to the East Coast to pursue an MFA in fiction at Southern Connecticut State University. She has received several literary awards from Purdue, and has been published in Sysiphus Quarterly.