Editorial Staff for 2019-2020



Eric Ong

Editor In Chief

In a previous life Eric was a hack high school English teacher, now he’s pivoted to being a hack librarian where he can share his love of literature without the man bringing him down. After being born in the South Eric spent most of his formative years in Southeast Asia and has a Southern accent he’s practiced hard to repress. He’s desperately trying to outrun his 30’s by dying his hair and keeping in his nose ring. He lives with his ever-patient fiance and their myriad of pets. He is pictured here with his cat, Buffy, seen expressing her deep disdain for him. Occasionally he writes stories about ghosts.


Terri Lynn Davis

Assistant Editor

Terri Linn Davis is currently pursuing an MFA in poetry. She has lived in the South and the Midwest, but she now resides in Milford, Connecticut with her co-habbie, Adam and their two sons. Her interests include making and then checking off to-do lists, wiping at the constant stream of drool that accumulates on her baby’s chin, reading dozens of poems per day, and making fun of Adam for his obsessive love of hominids.

grace 1.jpg

Grace Collins-Hovey

Fiction Editor

Grace Collins-Hovey is currently working on an MFA in creative writing at SCSU. She earned her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University in mathematics, so she is an arts and sciences double threat. She writes mostly fantasy and science fiction, and in her spare time she makes crochet dolls and elaborately patterned blankets. She is excited to be part of a writing community


Michael Hinton

Fiction Editor

Michael wears denim jackets and enjoys counting the increasing number of gray hairs in his beard. One day he will have them all and look like Gandalf. In the meantime, he is pursuing his MFA in Fiction Writing. He also previously received his MA in Professional Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, UK. He writes weird stories about poverty and stuff and performs in a lot of Shakespeare plays. He’s also written and directed for the stage and screen. Here’s a picture from his wedding where he looks like he’s about to stage dive onto his wife.


Teresa Montanari

Fiction Editor

Teresa Montanari is working towards an MFA in Fiction Writing at SCSU. She received her undergraduate degree at Southern with concentrations in Spanish, Italian, and Creative Writing. She works as a graduate assistant in the Office of International Education on campus, as a server at a taco joint, and volunteers teaching English to refugees and immigrants from all over the map. Her likes include anything of/from Mexico and her dislikes include talking about herself in the third person.


Mike Tenney

Fiction Editor

Mike Tenney has been a resident of New Haven for twenty-three years during which time he completed a BA in English from SCSU, specializing semi-autobiographical fiction and memoir. For his senior thesis he completed a memoir dealing with the side effects of psychotropic medications used to remedy mental illness. He is an avid reader and member of many bookclubs which move him outside of his usual(or unusual tastes. He looks forward to encountering more growth and variety as a MFA candidate for prose fiction.


Sarah Thieneman

Fiction Editor

Sarah Thieneman is pursuing an MFA in creative writing (fiction) at Southern Connecticut State University. She holds a bachelor's degree in English from Barnard College of Columbia University, with minors in economics, environmental science, and history. Sarah grew up in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore, and is at work on short stories about the expatriate childhood experience. She enjoys reading Third Culture literature.


Teresa Twomey

Fiction Editor

Teresa is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pursue an MFA in fiction. Although her interests vary widely, much of her work and writing contain threads of social justice and gender issues. Examples of these include: postpartum psychosis, the feminine divine, eminent domain, mediation, tax reform, and forms of privilege (government-granted, social, earned and unearned). Occasionally she strays from her novel, short story and poetry writing to work on stand-up comedy skits or badly-drawn comics. She enjoys walking in natural settings, exploration, dancing, laughing, playing games, and taking far too many pictures of nature and general minutiae. The pillars of her life are her handsome and devoted husband, Drew, her three wonderful and creative daughters (all currently in college) and her many friends and family, be they near or far.


Gio Valentin

Fiction Editor

Gio teaches college English, but he'd rather spend the day eating pancakes and watching Disney Channel Original Movies. His favorite is Halloween Town II because he aspires to be like that messy troll who lives in a pigsty and dresses in motley clothing. Although he skimped by and got an English degree from Eastern Connecticut State, he mostly dedicated the time he should've been doing homework to reading comic books and playing videogames. Now, he's writing nonfiction about how his nerdy nostalgia pulled him away from an environment of addiction and drugs when he was younger. He can beat any living human in Mario Party on Nintendo 64. And yes, that is a challenge.


Nancy Manning

Poetry Editor

Nancy Manning is an MFA candidate at SCSU. She has published a novel, Undertow of Silence, and a collection of poetry, Amethyst Garden. An English teacher at Woodland Regional High School, Nancy defends the use of the Oxford comma and condemns split infinitives..


Princess Zuri’ McCann

Poetry Editor

Princess is a pretty rad poet and a fellow librarian.

Princess Zuri’ McCann is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Southern Connecticut State University. She loves women poets, like Ntozake Shange, who speak on the discontent women, especially black women, feel when told to endure their struggles and remain silent. She enjoys reading young adult literature, watching spoken word poetry on YouTube, and watching Hallmark Mystery Movies. She also loves working in libraries.


Lisa Gaudio

Visual Editor

Lisa Gaudio: writer/ poet; photographer; crazy dog lady. Lisa is currently attending SCSU for her MFA. She received her Bachelors in psychology at CCSU in 2015 where she co-edited the school’s literary magazine, The Helix. She is a graduate assistant in the Office of International Education, a freelance wedding and pet photographer, and a Vet Tech assistant at an emergency vet hospital. She’s currently working on a memoir that deals with tough subjects drawing connections between the ethics of veterinary medicine, and how experiences with abandonment, and physical and emotional abuse manifest from childhood to adolescence. In her free time, Lisa enjoys snacking and watching re-runs of The Office with her bunny, Santana.


Max Bickley

Special Projects

Max is a second year graduate student in the MFA in Creative Writing Fiction program, working with Professor Tim Parrish on his master’s thesis—a collection of interlinked short stories about his mother’s life. Despite moving across the country numerous time, Max currently calls Meriden and New Haven, CT his home. However, Max has always enjoyed writing, but began taking it more seriously when he was in eighth grade, and has since pursued the humanities and creative writing as his passion and future career fields. Of his favorite author’s and books, Max has always been a large supporter and fan of Christopher Moore and his book, A Dirty Job. Max says he dreams of one day being a YA fiction author as a side-job to his goal of being a professor. In his words, “Always be wary of three things: deadlines, free samples, and word counts.”